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Thursday, 31 May 2012

All The Best Women Are Hookers!

Hi everyone!

Yet again I have been remiss of writing my blog for you and so sorry everyone, it’s just that life liberty and the pursuit for happiness gets in the way of writing for you sometimes so please forgive me? Anyway, as you may know if you have ever read my blogs, I love the world of information about sex and escorting and finding lots of interesting topics for you about sex and escorting generally as this is my quest, after all, I’m your very own naughty Manchester escortSo please forgive me for being a bad girl again! 

I hope that the heading for this blog has captured your interests and stirred up your fascination in all that is escorting and in this wonderful world we live in especially in what seems the black dog days we are all going through right now with bloody double dip recessions and everyone struggling to survive, feed their children, wars, bad news, politicians and bankers. Therefore, a naughty little story about Hollywood elite may bring some light relieve and an OMG moment, especially the secret stories of famous actresses of today and yesteryear? 

I found this enticing information by chance when doing some researching the other day so I now feel I have been keeping some good company as a high class hooker and very interesting company at that! This article below could be complete and utter rubbish, who knows, but have a read and see what you think? I will leave the decision of it's validity up to you. If these stories are true in that these ladies did dabble into some naughty sexual romps and high end escorting works well, good for them I say!  

As you know I have and do enjoy my job as an escort. I have met some wonderful men, women and escorts in this business and I have learnt so much from each and every one of them and believe me it hasn’t been bad in fact just the opposite in many ways because I'm a philosophical person and I have learned more about me as a woman since becoming an escort. In that I love men more and understand them better than I ever thought possible and I've also had great sex in my time as an escort.

Becoming an escort is certainly not for everyone, but I've enjoyed it and would I recommend it as a career? Well, its certainly not for the fainthearted, but it seems like a lot of top ladies in this world have had a little dabbled into this business more than once or twice, lol! I know I could never have coped with being an escort when I was younger. As a young women I was more interested in success in business, finding the Holy Grail and concurring the world. A lot of young women can be insecure generally and more so in this business as some women may feel competitive or the need to look more beautiful and as a younger woman I was no exception to the rule, but I had ambition in bucket loads then and it had nothing to do with men, sex or escorting. 

A lot of women worry about how they look and what other people think of them and about competitiveness with other women. Some women may feel this is required and need to impress men and other women as part of being young. It's also trying to find their way in the world as women and of course how to lure the male, who knows! In the end it doesn't matter what others think of you, its what you think about yourself that's important in the great scheme of life and in the end all that really truly matters is love, being loved by your family and friends and finding happiness within yourself. Escorting can be a lonely secretive business and that’s not easy for some women especially when their young. You have to be tough to be alone and you have to make hard decisions a lot of the time, alone! I personally think it's certainly better for me being a mature escort, but that’s just me and my opinion. I came from a different place in time before I became an escort and I had a career and a very different life. Some women today may feel they have more choices in what they want to do with their lives and are very confident in handling this job, but lots more can’t, but hey life’s not easy whatever you do these days so lets not get too serious here Lucinda, smack bottom for me!

Back to the article! 

If these actresses and other prominent women did carry out what it states on the tin so to speak, then it just shows you what women will do to move forward in their lives, in their own way. If they did have a choice that is? 

The article below also tells us how some women felt about a woman's role in Hollywood, in what they may have been prepared to do to get to the top, pay their bills, survive, feed their ambitions themselves and their children so go girls I’m with you! But after all that's said and done if these women hadn't dabbled in escorting, then maybe we would have all been deprived of some fabulous and wonderful women in this world and that truly would have been the real and honest shame of it all!

"Hollywood Hookers" or "What actresses are former prostitutes ?"

1 Marilyn Monroe
Need I say more ?! She earned $500 per day offering herself to producers and directors. Like several of the stars in her time ( Joan Crawford especially ) she did porn films as well as house calls. One of the porn films still exists and pops up on
the Net for high priced copy sales...

2 Kim Novak
My great-uncle, an ex-FBI agent, told me that he arrested the actress Kim Novak for prostitution in the 60's in Chicago.

3-4 Barbara Eden &Tina Louise
Rumored to be currently shopping their somewhat tired wares internationally.

5 Veronica Lake
Winded up as a hooker in NYC in the 50's after her run as a movie star.

¹6 Sophia Loren
O-o-old news !.. Rome is not known for a shortage of scantily clad prostitutes. Most of the girls are all remarkably handsome, but one slinky, dark-eyed ragazza in garters and black hose was a real 'bambola' ( doll ). That prossy was well known at the clients as "La Simpatica", and her real name was Sofia Villani Scicolone, a.k.a. Miss Sophia Loren...

7 Raquel Welch
One Million Years B.C., when she was Raquel Tejada (sp), Miss Welch was very well known in Tijuana, Mexico. So says her family. Allegedly she also did a lot of porno films, most of which were collected up and destroyed by the studio.

8 Joan Collins
Ten years ago was offered 400 million dollars for her services as a Madam from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. She was almost sold to him almost thirty years ago by her third husband. Starting out her career as a high class prostitute in Hollywood at the age of 17 Joan learned the business from the ground floor up. She started the Heidi Fliess Hollywood Hooker ring. Some of her notable proteges are...

9 Reagan, Nancy Davis
The eminence grise in the Reagan White House. Used astrology to determine policy decisions. Slept with Frank Sinatra in the White House itself. Personally pro-choice but kept quiet and supported anti-choice actions for her husband's career. Former "Hostess Girl"/prostitute for the studios when they needed to recruit someone; reported to give the best head in Hollywood, in her day. Was pregnant when she married Ronnie.

¹10 Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone; Another high-class prostitute. Her icy beauty commanded $1000 per hour. She was discovered by Michael Douglas when she came to call on him for a professional service. The set of Basic Instinct was turned into a brothel for a day. Mike decided that the non orgasmic Sharon needed to learn the ropes. The infamous sex scene between them was entirely real. Afterwards Mike invited the director and one producer to join the fun. Sharon hugely enjoyed the bondage scene that followed. Held down by two men, Mike screwed her for thirty full minutes. Sharon reported: "I have never had sex like that in my life. Now I can't get enough of it." She reported six orgasms on that particular day. Sharon was paid an extra $10,000 for this romp.

11 Michelle Pfeiffer
Prostitute & casting-couch...hem-m-m...participant during her first years in L.A. Began as a studio call-girl & got some of her early roles "the old-fashioned way". Was a "professional girlfriend". the kind with exclusive clientele or just one big customer, who set her up to go on to her acting career.

12 Julia Roberts
Swallowed her way to the top.

13 Geena Davis
Was a hooker.

14 Rene Russo
Rene Russo. This high class call girl was Pierce Brosnan's sexual soulmate in "The Thomas Crown Affair" No stranger to pleasuring women for money, the studly Bros, engaged in real sexual acts with the voluptuous actress/prostitute on camera and spent the day inviting up to eight men on the set to sample her wares. Rene only bagged $7,500 for this little cuddle fest. She loved every minute of it she reported. She and Bros have not problem to this very day talking about it.

15 Catherine Zeta Jones
Mike always discovers them this way. Cathy commanded $10,000 for one romp in London featuring HRH the prince of Wales. I have heard from more than one person that Cathy did high-end "personal marketing" in Las Vegas before her star shone.

16 Salma Hayek
The rumor has it that she was actually escorting on the night that she met Stern.

17 Halle Berry
Was a kept woman for a few years.

18 Lara Flynn Boyle
Was a hooker, who still dated one of her clients even though she was now a known actress.

19 Suzanne Somers
Was a hooker.

20 Denise Richards
Former Heidi Fleiss girl who made it big. That would explain how she met Charlie Sheen. She does have that "cheerleader" look.
According to the IMDB she has been "working horizontally" since 1990. I remember her as Doogie Howser's teenage girlfriend around, like,
1988 or so. I suppose. she became a prostitute in the following years until her acting success in the mid-90's.

21 Shannon Doherty
Former Heidi Fleiss girl and the model for porn magasines.

22 Lucy Lawless
Supposedly did a hardcore porno scene/movie.

23 Janine Turner
Was ( can be kept ) the call-girl. Refused to name the father of her child. I've always wondered why she felt the need to keep it secret. Is this perhaps the answer ?..

24 Victoria Principal
A woman in that "business" told me about Victoria Principal. Victoria used to live with a guy named Bernie Cornfeld who was apparently a big pimp. He was in a relationship with Heidi Fleiss but long after Victoria was a star. I guess that must be from her "Lost Period", you know, that time that she doesn't count when she tells people she is "turning 50" ? Teehee !"

25 Stephanie Kramer
Ex-Heidi Fleiss Girl.

26 Trish Vandeveer
This hot mama is very into her children right now. They have been fathered by four different men.

27 Jolene Blalock
Jolene netted her new TV series in the traditional Hollywood way. She didn't need a casting couch. She provided her own. She drives a van to work and earns a little extra cash in the cool of the morning, earning five hundred bucks a trick.

28 Irene Cara
Was busted on a streetcorner.

They say that a lot of movie executives' wives were once high-priced call girls. Supposedly, most movie execs are such driven workaholics that these are the only woman they ever have time to socialise with, so they wind up marrying them. Candy (Mrs. Aaron) Spelling being one example.

Victoria Sellers - daughter of Britt Ekland and Peter Sellers, was one of Heidi's girls.

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