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Monday, 23 January 2012

One for the Boys Cunnilingus - Advanced

Hello Gentleman, here is one article for you too.

I found this great article, which as a Manchester Escort I feel may be very helpful.

Enjoy the details below folks.

Cunnilingus - Advanced

Take a few minutes to read Cunnilingus Basics and then come back here to fine-tune your approach with some special earth-moving, hip-shaking, mind-blowing techniques that will have her panting your name and praising your game! Try all of these in one session and she might not come back down from the heavens until the morning:

The Lick

Leaving your tongue soft and jaw relaxed, try licking her from vaginal entrance up to her clit and following the outer edges of her vagina along both sides. Repeating this technique going up and down and vice versa can be a great opener.

Labial Hold

While holding the two parts together with your lips, run your tongue between the inner and outer labia one side at a time.

Tongue Intercourse

The majority of a woman’s nerve endings in her vagina are around the opening and within the first couple of inches inside. Target them with your tongue by inserting it into her vaginal opening. Techniques are pretty limited due to the length of your tongue, but try moving your tongue in and out, as well as in circles around the inside of her opening.

The Flick

Spread her outer vaginal lips with your fingers. With your tongue pointed, gently flick your tongue around her clitoris. Feel free to roam, but keep coming back to her clitoris, as it is the most sensitive. This drives some women wild, and others find it to too intense. When stimulating her clit make sure to start out gently if you aren’t sure how she likes it. When you try this, pay attention to whether those moans are ecstasy or pain.

The following techniques should not be introduced until your partner is really hot (i.e., very wet). These are more intense techniques, and may be too intense for some women, even when nearing orgasm.

The Clitoris Suck

Expose her clitoris by spreading her lips and lightly pull back her hood. With her clitoris exposed, give it a quick little suck; pulling it into your mouth briefly and letting it go. This is a lot like licking a bit of cake batter off of your pinky. This feels incredible, and is a fine thing to do if you feel like tormenting her – but don’t overdo it! We recommend not using your teeth nor using heavy suction when starting out.

The Clitoris Hold

Take her exposed clit into your mouth and gently suck on it, simultaneously flicking your tongue over and around it. This can be done very lightly or very aggressively, and combined with fingering, will usually rapidly produce an intense orgasm.

The Tongue Tube

Roll your tongue into a tube (if you cannot do this, forget about it because it is genetic and you can't learn it). This technique works best in an inverted or 69 position. Roll your tongue into a tube around her clitoris. Slide it back-and-forth; in effect, your tongue is doing something similar to a woman's vagina around a man's penis. This is likely to bring any woman over the edge to an explosive orgasm.


Try using your tongue to spell the alphabet on her genitals. This works surprisingly well as your tongue is always moving in different directions. Learn her favorite letters and the orders that work the best!

Other Tips

A good lover’s hands never stop moving, so keep exploring, insert a finger, or massage her thighs while you perform.

You can also try using a wide variety of flavored gels, oils, and lubricants. Some of these products heat up when rubbed or blown to add extra stimulation.

Having a mint in your mouth while you are performing cunnilingus can also improve your results. The mint, as long as it is not too weak or strong, can create a very intense tingling sensation to enhance your performance.

Try some - or why not all - of the above techniques and neither of you will regret it. Techniques like this are sure to help her achieve that (sometimes) elusive Orgasm!

More details here -

Lingham Massage

Hi to all my lovely followers and I hope all is well with you all.

I was been asked about providing some more information again which was on my blog in 2009. At that time I provided some details about Lingham Massage during my role as a Manchester Escort for clients. I have reissued this information again today for all you gentleman who enjoy information on this kind of massage and click the link title for more details on other interesting topics.

I have also provide a further link to another blog on Lingham Massage for you so that you can read more details there and I hope you all like this information.

Lingham Massage Details.

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is lingham. It’s loosely translated as the "wand of light". Its meaning is different in intention from the typical western view of the penis. In tantra/sacred sexuality, the lingham is respectfully viewed and honoured, a "wand of light" that channels creative energy and pleasure.

The purpose of the lingham massage is to create a space for the receiver to relax, and receive expanded pleasure from his lingham. His partner experiences the joy of facilitating and witnessing the man surrendering to his softer, gentler side. The lingham massage can be used as a form of safer sex also, and is an excellent process to build trust and intimacy. It is often used to help men heal from negative sexual conditioning and trauma.

Orgasm is NOT the goal of the lingham massage, although it can be a welcome and pleasant side effect. The goal is to massage the lingham, also including the testicles, perineum, and the sacred spot (the equivalent of the female G-spot), and allow the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may not be used to. From this perspective, both receiver and giver relax into the massage.

Men need to learn how to RELAX AND RECEIVE. Traditional sexual conditioning has the man in a doing and goal orientated mode. The lingham massage allows the man to experience his softer, more receptive side and experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.


Take a relaxing bath or shower if possible beforehand. Take your time and breathe deeply. Conscious, relaxed breathing will take you out of your mental process and will get you more into your feelings. Relax your belly and let go of the tension that most of us hold there. Go to the bathroom before beginning the massage. The best results occur when the bowels and bladder are empty. Let go of your thoughts and connect with the person doing the massage, make the session a place of relaxation and trust.


Have the receiver lie on his back with pillows under his head so he can look up at the masseur. Spread his legs apart with the knees slightly bent, and the genitals clearly exposed for the massage. Before contacting the body, begin with deep, relaxed breathing. Gently massage the legs, the abdomen, thighs, chest, nipples, etc, to get the receiver to relax. Remind the receiver to breathe deeply and to sink deeper into relaxation…

Sounds interesting don’t you think? So have a further read from the site details link I have provided for you all at the title of this article?

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How To Get More Forplay Ladies!

It's Lucinda your mature Manchester Escort and hello to your all in blog land.

It's a simple slightly sad truth that when a new partner works long and hard to show you that he's a caring, attentive, and affectionate sort who loves nothing more than to give luxurious foot massages and make out for hours on end, in long-term relationships, the action tends to speed up considerably. You absolutely want — and need — more kissing, caressing, and all that assorted good stuff, but the thought of actually coming out and asking him for those sensual moves makes you cringe. Fortunately, no matter how shy you might be when it comes to X-rated topics, we've got some very effective words that you can bring yourself to say. Here's the plan:

STEP 1: Get your motor running.

Before you ask your guy to lavish attention on your various hot spots, you've gotta get your mood on. After all, while a single thought — it's time for sex! — might be all he needs to get started, you (like many women) probably require some transition between washing the dishes/getting the kids to bed/straightening up and stripping down. Start with some small requests like these to turn up the emotional temperature and help you get psyched for making more sexy suggestions later.

"Come give me a hug." A nice, long hug (20 to 30 seconds, to be exact) is proven to jack up a woman's level of oxytocin — a hormone that heightens sexual arousal. Since guys love to learn the technical specs for anything, including the workings of your body, share this little tidbit with your partner, suggests Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First. Then, once he's got his arms wrapped around you, put your good feelings into words: "It's so nice to unwind with you" or "I love when you hold me." He'll be encouraged to discover what else he can accomplish with a little patience.

"Can you rub my neck (or feet, or head)?" When a man wants to get you into bed, he'll often suggest that he give you a massage. Remind him of how well that tactic worked in the past.

"Let's take a shower together." The warmth...the sweet scents...the sexy, slippery feel of it all: Suds and water have a way of moving things in the right direction. Plus, when you open with this suggestion, he'll likely be open to your other steamy ideas.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Secret 6: Attention

Giving Attentions so nice enjoy folks...

During your marriage there will be many things that rob the two of you of each other's attention -- work, hobbies, periods of intense navel-gazing -- but nothing will ever hit you with the intensity of parenthood. Where warm, fuzzy feelings used to reign now lives a persistent sense of being misunderstood, unheard and underappreciated, for somewhere in your minds is a tape that goes like this: "If you loved me, you would..." -- "give me more help with the house and kids" (that's your tape) -- "give me more sex" (that's his).

If you're so tired that you can't see straight, sex seems like just another chore. Your husband, meanwhile, feels that your attentions have been permanently reassigned to the children and that he's basically been abandoned.

Stop! In the midst of the demands of parenthood, you must find a way to give -- and get -- the attention you both desperately need, so your desire for each other doesn't wither. You won't get anywhere until you both accept that you're overwhelmed. It may help to look at your expectations -- of yourselves and each other -- and ask, what's good enough for now? By asking that question whenever something in marriage disappoints you, you'll have a shot at being happy with the way things are rather than just wishing they were otherwise.

On some issues he'll bend more. On others you will. With luck, your husband will make the stretch and reach out to you -- maybe by taking the kids for one whole Saturday or by truly stepping up to the chores. Then you'll have to throw him a bone. Will it feel forced sometimes? Yes. Will you be tired? Yes. Will it feel planned, controlled? Yes. Will you want to bag it because it's just too hard? Yes. But at least you'll have tried, and sometimes that's good enough.

Big kisses from me Lucinda a blonde Manchester Escort.

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