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Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda
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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Secret 4: Generosity More tips folks!

Heres some more info everyone!

I'm talking about a specific kind of generosity: giving and receiving oral sex. For all our sexual sophistication, this act still has the power to make us squirmy. People either want more of it or don't want it at all or want to receive but not give it or -- you get the picture.

Unlike intercourse, in which you're equal participants, oral sex is usually something one partner gives while the other receives. It's the giving part -- and the corresponding power to withhold -- that makes oral sex unique. It's sufficiently socially acceptable that people feel okay about asking for it -- as opposed to, say, anal sex. But oral sex is still considered enough of an extra that folks can't complain too loudly if their spouses won't partake very often. Since it's human nature to want what's hard to get, it's small surprise that this one little act can produce so many tiffs. "I'd like to get as much oral sex as I give him," says one woman. "He claims to enjoy giving it, but the lack of frequency says otherwise."

See why this is all about generosity? Yes, sexual tastes differ, but it's also true that oral sex is often used as something with which to negotiate, to manipulate, to punish, to reward. (C'mon, admit how stingy you can be when your husband shirks his domestic duties. A blow job, honey? We think not.) Why does withholding oral sex pack such a marital wallop? Because you can get away with it. If there is an imbalance in this area, the only way to redress it is for the giving partner (let's say you) to make the withholding partner (him) this offer: "You can decide to be generous, or I can decide to be selfish. What's it gonna be?"

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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Secret 3: Adventure

You need to do something very, very bad and very, very bold occasionally just like I would do as a Manchester Escort, but I am not suggesting a change of job so...

The first adventure for many couples is making love in a public place: The risk of getting caught adds an immediate edge. It's amazing how many men and women say variety is what keeps their sex life singing. "We've had sex in almost every place possible, including a washroom in a mall," brags one woman. "You have to work at keeping it fun. Once it becomes a chore, the fun and spontaneity are gone."

Exchanging sexual fantasies with your partner -- fantasies about with whom, with what, where and when you're making love -- can be a great way to spice up your sex play. Many couples like to act out their favorite scenarios or roles: One favorite is to go to a bar and pretend they are strangers. By faking this one element, they get the rush of novelty and add zing to their relationship.

The cardinal rule of adventure -- whether you're talking X-rated videos or spankings or a rest-room quickie -- is that both partners must be willing. You never know what your reaction to a new situation will be until you're in it -- and you don't know what his will be either. One woman showed up at her husband's office naked under her raincoat as a surprise, but when she opened her coat, his face froze in shock. This little adventure ended well because her husband was touched by her effort, but the lesson stands: Be prepared for anything.

The payoff of an escapade -- good, bad or unintentionally hilarious -- should be that it draws you two closer because you were in it together. Maybe you'll laugh. Maybe you'll recoil. Most likely you'll simply know each other even better than you did before.

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