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Friday, 25 November 2011

More sexy tips folks...

Here are some good tips for Husbands from your Manchester Escort Lucinda so hope you enjoy boys and girls!

The problem with being human is that we are creatures of habit. Once we find something we like, we return to it again and again until -- poof! We hate it. It's hard to stop doing what once worked, but stop we must, or all those moves -- kiss, kiss, rub, rub, suck, suck -- will suddenly make you cringe with their familiarity. A wife says..."My husband focuses on three things: right boob, left boob and crotch," one woman complains. "I try to let him know that it doesn't work because it's always the same."

The easiest way to get the synapses sparking to the thrill of novelty is to fiddle with the basic variables of time, place and style. Be forewarned, though: A certain amount of energy and effort -- not to mention humor -- is necessary if you're going to break out of a rut.

Ideally foreplay starts long before you hit the bedroom, so you build anticipation until you can't wait to make love. The trick is to keep sex in the air -- by flashing your man on the way to the shower or placing a sexy call at work or planting passionate kisses at unexpected moments. "I'd love it if my wife groped me during the day," says one husband, "just so I know she's thinking of me."

When was the last time you just let your fingers wander over each other's bodies? The danger of familiarity is that once you discover the prime hot spots, you stop exploring the erotic potential of other areas. "I wish my wife would learn some new techniques," says one man. "She just rushes right to my penis."

Everybody has a favorite sex position, but if variety weren't so crucial to maintaining desire, do you think the Kama Sutra would have lasted all these centuries? Having a range of positions not only is a perfect antidote to routine, it also lets you decide which style of lovemaking you're in the mood for -- tender, raunchy, spiritual -- and to adjust accordingly. You want your husband to do the "cave guy" thing and drag you around by your ponytail? Go for it. You want sweet, soulful lovemaking? It's yours. "Our goal," says one woman, "is never to have sex the same way twice!"

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

10 Things Your Man Really Wants In Bed! - Number 1 for today

Not forgetting your lovely Manchester Escort Lucinda, lol!

Number 1 - Enthusiasm

Quick! When was the last time you initiated sex? You're asking, "Who cares who makes the first move?" He cares. Initiating is a clear way of proving your lust. If your husband is always the one to start things up, eventually he'll wonder, "Why doesn't she ever come after me? Doesn't she want me anymore?" Here's the thing, though: You may think that by unbuttoning your blouse one notch, putting on red lipstick and giving your husband a come-hither look, you're initiating sex, because you've signaled your interest. Dollars to doughnuts he'll say he initiated it, because he's the one who sidled over, slipped his hand under your blouse and kissed your red mouth. When guys say they wish their wives would initiate more, they really mean they wish their wives were more aggressive, more obvious, and more direct. Next question: When was the last time your husband came on to you and you rebuffed him with a kiss because dinner was cooking or the phone was ringing or -- whatever? I know about the mountain of chores and your endless to-do list. I also know that rare, wide-open moments for intimacy present themselves and we let them pass by -- in the name of efficiency, responsibility, practicality.

To be spontaneous is a form of surrendering, of saying that nothing matters at this moment but the two of you. Spontaneity tells your man you think he's worth putting everything aside for. As one nostalgic husband says, "When we were first together, the spontaneous 'nooner' would make me smile for days, and the unplanned encounter with my wife is still the best kind of sex."

Yet too often we block the urge. We feel interest stirring, and instead of letting it develop, we step in with the usual controls -- kids, work, laundry, sleep -- and postpone the flicker of arousal until a more convenient time. Convenient! Did you ever imagine you'd make convenience a condition for sex? Don't you miss the excitement of inconvenient sex, the just-between-us thrill of sex in unlikely places at unlikely times?

Sex is about so many things -- love, fun, eroticism, connection -- it's silly to let opportunities for intimacy pass by because they're not quite right. The value of sex is sometimes simply in the connection. And what your husband will read into your willingness to be spontaneous is that you want him under any conditions -- good, bad or indifferent.

More later this week....interesting reading!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dont forget to read and see my website folks

Here is a link to my website you lovely people you and my Details page! It's a new page on my website so just wanted to let you see it for yourself.

This is interesting folks for couples - 55 Fantastic, Mind-Blowing Health Benefits of Sex

Hi Folk,

Sorry I have been a very naughty girl neglecting my Manchester Escorts blog, been busy working else were these days as escorting is not my life its just something I do on the side, lol!

Hope you are all well and feeling okay in what has been a pretty difficult year to say the least!

I thought this was really interesting and may cheer you up see what you think my lovely bloggers? I see couples on occasion and its great fun and I always try to give good tips, where possible so here we go!

Sex is oh so good for your health. Getting it on is about more than pleasure. Good sexual health can improve your physical health. It certainly puts you in a positive frame of mind. Conserve electricity, turn off the lights and light a candle. Save water, share a shower and soap each other. Go green between the sheets. OK who needs sheets or a even a bed for that matter, but sex is eco-friendly.

Here are 55 fantastic health benefits and legitimate reasons to be having lots of sex.

Treat your partner as if you’re dating is a life hack strategy for keeping the spark alive. As romantic as a fairytale castle is, it’s unrealistic for most of us to plan a “date night” there. When dating, couples are generally more sexually adventuresome than after a couple has been together or married for a long time.

Stress is a killer for both sexes. The health benefits of having sex to relieve stress and to ease depression have been proven. For men, their release calms them and sends happy chemicals to their brain. For women, absorbing semen (for couples not escorts well not me anyway!) works as a natural antidepressant and helps get rid of stress. So plan that romantic night out together in nature or light the candles for a special date dinner. Depressed and highly stressed individuals tend to have less sex. It’s a trap! Don’t fall into it.

Romance your spouse outside the bedroom is a strategy for keeping the spark alive. Most of us can not take our beloved to a deserted island for a romantic getaway, but that is not required to gain this benefit of sex: relieving pain. The best painkiller ever created is the mighty O. No, not Oxytocin but Orgasm. It releases natural chemicals like endorphins in the body, both before and during climax. These endorphins have a similar chemical structure to morphine. Water is used in many therapies, so why not add the glorious and sensual feel of water to your sex life? It’s a win/win/win situation without needing to find the time, finances, and location of the closest deserted island. Having sex, win. Having sex in the water, double win. Having orgasmic sex in the water? Oh baby!

Credit cards due? Bills piling up? Money trouble causes most couples to fight. Before it gets really ugly and you turn on each other, have sex. Having sex helps you forget your troubles. It also improves intimacy, lifts your mood, and increases your imagination. Regular humping can keep you happy. It might not cure your money problems, but keeping busy with the horizontal hustle was proven to provide the same levels of happiness as a couple earning an extra £80,000 annually.

Get busy getting frisky since the big Outdoors is the all-natural medicine cabinet. If you have a headache, then bonk your way to temporary headache relief. Forget paracetamol, having a headache is an excuse to have sex right away to cure you. It’s practically the cure for the common cold. Having sex stimulates those wonderful pleasure endorphins as well as antibodies to protect you from getting the flu or a cold. Once-a-week sex produces 30% higher levels of immunoglobulin A, boosting the immune system and fighting off disease.

Sex can relieve a stuffy nose; it’s is a natural antihistamine. It can even help combat hay fever and asthma. After frolicking under the sheets, your hormone prolactin surges and fires new neurons in the brain’s olfactory bulb. This means after doing the horizontal hustle, you have a heightened sense of smell. In fact, after sex all your sensitivities are heightened, including activating your taste buds.

Next strategy to keep the spark hot is: Exercise, preferably together. Rambunctious rolling in the hay can burn off as much as 700 calories while less vigorous love making burns at least 200 calories. It’s surely the best way to control or lose weight? It’s definitely the best way to burn calories.

Ladies, your passion can protect his heart. Shag your guy’s ticker into shape. Sex lowers blood pressure, boosting cardio health, and reduces his risk of heart attack. Lovemaking improves strength, flexibility, and muscle tone. It might even protect against strokes.

There's lots more to read on this article so enjoy folk, Love Lucinda.

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