Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda

Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda
Manchester Escort - Lucinda

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Discovering New Songs from an Old Mistress!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have not been on my blog lately I have been busy with one thing and another since Christmas, family stuff and DIY and updating my Manchester Escorts website and also I have been covered in gloss and sticky wallpaper paste.

I found an old friends music on TV this morning, watching a ballet called 'Fiddle and the Drum', the ballet was a collaboration between the National Ballet of Canada and set to the music of and renowned singer and songwriter Joni Mitchell. The ballet was quite wonderful to watch and being introduced to this lady's music again was fantastic! I was mesmerised and was very different from the norm.

An old friend introduced me to Joni Mitchell's music some years ago and I feel in love with her and her music instantly, but for some people Joni Mitchell is an acquired taste depending on your age and what type of music you like, but I think this is worth a listen to and see what you think!

Just click Joni's picture.

Back soon folks,

Love always,


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