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Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda
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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Edinburgh Festival

If you want to get fit for a couple of weeks and have no choice but to walk on cobbled streets and up hills and lots of stairs around a beautiful city, you would love a holiday at the Edinburgh Festival!

The street acts were great, there were detailed tattooed jugglers, juggling knives on unicycles, to then various groups playing tricks on the gathering crowd's, to small bands playing jazz to single violinists playing Vivaldi on the streets for free or for a donation of your own choice. The hills and cobbled streets are all about walking and good exercise, deep breathing and getting to the next show quickly and I loved it!

The rain didn't seem to stop anyone getting anywhere and being surrounded by people who enjoy the same things and shows as you, with an intelligent approach to drinking and standing in cues in the rain chatting, was a joy. The tours, the old town and the historical splendor takes you back in time like no other city can. The people, the performers were great and the public were intelligent and interesting apart from the odd heckler in venues, but they were very funny most of the time. I think I enjoyed the people more than anything. The way that everyone was dressed in Edinburgh was interesting. Some people were grungy, some casual or smart and they all acted with finesse and were fascinating to watch. I love ‘people watching’, it's a fabulous way to pass the time of day while drinking a bloody good Italian coffee.

All of the shows I went to were fantastic and soooo professional! Watching young fresh faced people and their Ooh so need to get this right nerves were singing and dancing for us. They are just starting new careers with their whole young lives ahead of them and looking and listening to them was so good for the soul. Comedians telling jokes, complaining about the fact that they were, "loosing more money then they were making coming to Edinburgh", was stated on a regularly basis by some of the Comedians. They were making us all laugh and that's all that mattered we were laughing so much tears ran down our faces. Audiences did feel like saying, "please don't mention what the critics have said about your act again, sod what the critics think and just get on with it we like you and we think you're funny! I did not realise how insecure Comedians can be, but no one like being criticised hey? The tram jokes were constant, you had to be there!

The city smells of rain, beer, cigarettes, (no I do not smoke, just miss the smells sometimes of how pubs use to smell, you know the smells that use to hit you when you first opened the doors of a good old British pub and that seems so long ago now, another era gone for good, but some people would love it so...). The arousing smell of men's aftershave, wet hair, women's perfumes was provocative. However the heat in some of the venues was a bit much at times, all crammed in together on very small seats, lol! I did enjoy all of that really and the camaraderie of the people around me was comforting. There was definitely poor air conditioning in some of the buildings because some of the buildings are all quite old or the doors and windows not left open for long enough to perceive some kind of fresh air. So people were using the leaflets to fan themselves, including me! A slight feeling of the black hole of Calcutta came to mind at one point!

There was food smells everywhere on the streets of Edinburgh, good Scottish food, soup, fish and chips, fried haggis and deep fried mars bars and the smells lingered everywhere! The restaurants are many and great too because Edinburgh has them all, just wonderful.

There were quite a few celebrities (TV folks) knocking about and a very tanned Clive Anderson and a very tall John Lesley. I have not seen him on TV for a while and I wonder why, now let me think? A few more TV folks were walking about, but I couldn't remember their names.

There were lots of beautiful mature and young people everywhere and some of them were constantly giving you leaflets for various acts, venues and you ended up filling your pockets and handbag with leaflets and flayers and of course I said thank you with a smile but it gets a bit much at times! There was no way that anyone could see all of the shows at the Festival, but it would be fun trying!

It’s a shame I miss Anthony Boudain though! Why I am in love with this guy I don't know he's not even my type, but he's got under my skin so I'm going with the dream, okay folks! He's just got married again so that's it, I have to come to terms with it, but its not easy! :*(

I would highly recommend the Edinburgh Festival and especially sitting outside a coffee shop or restaurant for a while its so worth the watch. Someone will always say hello and tells you about their show and what a great time they are having and vice versa!

Lots of love from I hope your favourite blogging Manchester Escort!

Love Lucinda XXX

Friday, 6 August 2010

Catching up!

Hi Everyone!

Whats been happening lately folks from your hopefully favourite Manchester Escort?...

Well I have been reading lots of P.D James this month and Inspector Dalgliesh!

Anthony Bourdain's biography - 

I so like this guys show on Sky, as you may know I am a real foodie and just love his books. Anthony’s books are, Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw. I love his honesty and he tells it how it is in his world in both books. Medium Raw is his latter, but he’s written several. Apparently he was in Edinburgh and lots of celebrity chiefs where in the audience. I could not make it, but he would have had a big kiss from me, on the cheek of course now because he’s just got married again so...I better get in the cue though as I bet there are lots of women after Anthony? I cannot help it having a thing from men who like the ladies of the night too or as he states Hookers! He discusses hookers in his books, ladies of the night oh no, day and evening hours for me. I'm not a girl you can phone or see through the night hours, that's for sure, unless you book me in advance, but I admire these ladies so much and its money for feeding mouths and paying bills, just like the rest of us. I couldn't stay awake to see clients through the night that's for sure!

Anthony bourdain has great ethics and manners about food and believes that if someone invites you to eat, in their own home poor or rich or anywhere in the world you should eat it and be thankful. He’s right, its rude to eat and criticise food when someone has specially cooked a meal for you! Just leave the moaning until you leave unless your paying for it! If people sniff food and pull their faces and wont try different things, that they have not eaten before or push their food around on their plates moaning after you have gone to a lot of trouble to cook it, then don't give them a second invite! I wouldn't and that's for sure!

The Uzbekistan massage is one of the funniest programmes I have ever seen on his TV travel show on Sky and tears were running down my face and holding my stomach and laughing about it for days. If you ever get a chance to see him having this massage, in his travel programme, please watch it it is so funny.

Anthony seems like a guy who has and does enjoys himself, travels the world and eating everything and anything and long may his programme last. Oh, yes and his books are a great read and there are not enough superlatives for this guy, his books and his life. I’m in love!

I love the programme Man verses Food, boy the Americans have lots of big hot food -

I have also found this new lady singer and I think she will go far, what a great voice. She reminds me of several female artists of the past rolled into one really! She reminds me of Karen Carpenter, Joni Mitchell and a bit of Carol King and Carly Simon, when she was young! Here is a link to her webspace. I particularly like the record 'Slow', sexy and slow! Her name is Rumer - enjoy, if you like it that is...

I have added two new pages to my website this month about Manchester Incalls and Outcalls so have a look -

I hope you found my last blog funny last month, I got a few emails telling me it was funny!

Well the Edinburgh Festival on soon so sounds good to me and there is so much on this year so why not have a look and have a break its such a wonderful city -

Well I'm off our for dinner this evening so I'll be right back soon!

Love to you all,

Lucinda XXX

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