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Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda
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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Next Installment of Sexuality & History!

Augustine (354-430A.D.) was a primary theological shaper of thought and went so far as to argue that sex was sinful even within wedlock unless the specific purpose is always conception! This reflects the need at the time for many more children. Infant mortality was very high, the economic and political structures were based on families. Likewise clerical celibacy was in part shaped by fear that offspring would fight over Church property.

Thanks to widespread illiteracy - or apathy, whatever the Church said was now law. Intercourse was no longer natural and good, sex was dirty and only for procreation. Celibacy was the new standard for the clergy. And it was a great moneymaker! If you sinned by enjoying sex, you must come to the Church for repentance, which required a donation to demonstrate your faith. What a perfect way for the Church to raise capital. Make everyone a sinner because of their innate sexual desires, and then offer to absolve them for a sizeable donation.

Coercion, now there's a word, mmm!

The sexual morality of Christianity did not come from Jesus. It instead came from his followers whose main interest was the control of the masses. They had good cause for their actions at that time in man's evolution. But it is important to recognise the source of religious dogma about sex - when and where it came from - and put it in perspective in present time and circumstances.

Yes folks sex is not the bad its good for you!

Sex was understood to be natural and a duty to be done as often as possible if one wanted spiritual harmony with the Tao (The Way).

Now how many people live in China?

The emphasis was on love and spiritual union by Tantra, which could not be produced through sex with one's own spouse. Therefore, there was much wife swapping and lots of work for the sacred prostitutes.

Now thats interesting!

The New World
As the exploration of the New World began, "civilised man" was introduced to bizarre sexual customs, such as those of the Incas and Mayans, who preferred homosexuality for adults. The Incas also attempted to preserve the purity of their race through incest; the Aztecs practised polygamy; and the Mexicans perfected the art of prostitution.

The Hawaiians engaged in indiscriminate sex for decades. Everyone loved and accepted everyone else. There was no disease or dissension of jealousy. It was only after Capt. Cook brought the European CHRISTIAN influence into their society, forcing women to cover their breasts and allowing their good "Christian" men to rape and abuse the natives that their society began to experience jealousy and hatred.

Now thats was a place to have lived, (still is to a point, beautiful would love to go one day)! Cook has got a lot to answer for!

Keep reading folks I have more soon and as a Manchester Escort I hope you enjoy my blogs!

Luv Lucinda XXX

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