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Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda
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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More interesting facts about Sexuality in History!

The First 1000 years A.D.
The Emperor Constantine in about 300 A.D. was perhaps the world's most important convert to the new religion of Christianity. It was perhaps the only thing left to try and hold the Roman Empire together. While the political empire fell in the next century, the Church stepped in as the new central authority. Threats of burning in hell were even more effective than the army for controlling large and diverse populations.

Thank goodness we have moved on, but we always have advice from politicians, now what would we do without that?

Augustine (354-430A.D.) was a primary theological shaper of thought and went so far as to argue that sex was sinful even within wedlock unless the specific purpose is always conception! This reflects the need at the time for many more children. Infant mortality was very high, the economic and political structures were based on families. Likewise clerical celibacy was in part shaped by fear that offspring would fight over Church property.

Very interesting, you can see how some people today still feel this way about sex, as if sex is the enemy, it takes some people a while to move forward?

Thanks to widespread illiteracy - or apathy, whatever the Church said was now law. Intercourse was no longer natural and good, sex was dirty and only for procreation. Celibacy was the new standard for the clergy. And it was a great money maker! If you sinned by enjoying sex, you must come to the Church for repentance, which required a donation to demonstrate your faith. What a perfect way for the Church to raise capital. Make everyone a sinner because of their innate sexual desires, and then offer to absolve them for a sizeable donation.

The sexual morality of Christianity did not come from Jesus. It instead came from his followers whose main interest was the control of the masses. They had good cause for their actions at that time in man's evolution. But it is important to recognise the source of religious dogma about sex - when and where it came from - and put it in perspective in present time and circumstances.

Well said!

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