Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda

Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda
Manchester Escort - Lucinda

Monday, 24 May 2010

More facts on Sexuality and Culture folks!

Coming to America.

As Europeans came to America, they brought strict puritan views of sex. By the 1800s women where more than content to be the weak, vulnerable creature, needing protection by a man. American Doctor Alice Stockholm (a woman) wrote in 1894 that any husband who required marital intercourse except for conceiving children was making his wife into a private prostitute. Sex with a "real" prostitute, however, was fine as long as there was no love or passion involved.

Passions okay!

Unofficial estimates claim there were over 100,000 prostitutes in Paris by 1900. Philadelphia had about one prostitute for every 60 people.

With an increase in prostitution came an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, giving impetus to Puritan desires to make it illegal. The rise of disease also created a demand for virgins who were assumed to be "clean". In the early 1900s the increasing importance of supposed virgins, led younger and younger girls into prostitution. In Britain nearly 5% of the prostitutes were under age 13.

Fear and ignorance is a terrible thing!

The anti-pleasure climate of the Victorian sexuality in part was shaped by the need of the Industrial Revolution for a public morality of hard work, dedication and delayed gratification. The sexual revolution then came to America, not about sex, but about women's rights to have career opportunities and be independent of men.

If women have freedom then the country will prosper, withhold women’s freedom and everyone suffers!

Being a mature Manchester Escort and with the experiences of an older woman in this industry this subject of sexual repression through history interests me a great deal.

Luv Lucinda

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