Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda

Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda
Manchester Escort - Lucinda

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Men are great!

This lady is so right in lots of ways, lets hear it for the boys! This is copied off a American lady's blog from the Internet, go girl!

Now I realise a lot of you are probably confused by that title. Chances are you're waiting for the punch line of some anti-male joke (Men are great AT...insert derogatory male stereotype here). Nope, that's it. There isn't any more to it. I figured with the enormous amount of time and energy devoted to pointing out all the flaws of man, it would be nice to devote a bit of time appreciating them...even if it is only a couple of paragraphs in my blog. There are certain pictures that make me cry every time I see them. I'm referring to pictures of men, great men, doing what great men have done since the beginning of time...sacrificing all for the greater good. I'm talking about pictures of soldiers, giving their lives to protect us, pictures of fire-fighters on 9-11, pushing their way UP into the towers, going to their doom in order to save lives. How many times have men faced death in protection of their countries, their homes, their families? How many men have worked at thankless jobs, never complaining, never questioning, in order to provide for their families? Now, I'm not implying that this is what men should be doing...sacrificing themselves. I'm saying that, right, wrong or otherwise, this is what men always have done and continue to do, and the very least we should do is recognise and show appreciation for that fact.

To put it simply, I love men, and not in a 'I like to sleep around and men are great in that capacity' way, either. I love and celebrate all the wonderfully unique traits and characteristics that are distinctly male. Now, I could expand upon all the contributions men have made to the world, but I won't, I don't have enough room on my blog, or enough time, (but I might so keep reading boys and wait for my research)!

Suffice to say that due to the minds and accomplishments of men, the world has benefited more than can be conveyed. What I will take time to do is acknowledge some of the little things, the things that tend to be taken for granted and go unnoticed. I know for a fact that if anything gross, disgusting or dirty has to be done, my husband, (this lady is not me remember boys, lol)! no questions asked, is going to do it.

There's never an argument over who's going to go outside and shovel the driveway or who's going to change the oil, or the tire. I can guarantee if anybody ever needed to kill anything or venture into a potentially spider infested crawl space, it wouldn't be me. Not because I'd refuse…I'd never have to (I like spiders so this would never be me). If there's anything repugnant to be done, my husband does it. I have at times volunteered, because I know he'd never ask me to, but he says no. Not because he want to do it, but because he takes care of and protects his wife and children, self-sacrificing in the way that man have done for ages. So I say "thank you" to all the men who quietly go about their lives, unappreciated sacrificing for those around them. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I want you to know that although your are grossly under appreciated, you're not completely unappreciated.

Hear, hear, girl you are so right, I checked the Internet for; "What’s great about men"! (I found nothing, try it folks). As one of the mature Manchester Escorts in Manchester who has enjoyed the company of men its a shame men don't get enough positive stuff said about them on the Internet.

Luv Lucinda XXX

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