Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda

Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda
Manchester Escort - Lucinda

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The History of Sexuality through the Cultures!

Hi Folks, I though you may find these little snippets interesting about the history of sex and I will place one or two on here for you to read each week.

10,000 to 3,000BC
A family was viewed as belonging to the male as his property. A female in a family had to be monogamous but a male could mate with unattached females..and he sure did! The world's population exploded to over one hundred million by 3,000BC. Women were totally subservient to men - possessions to be used as men wished, in these early civilisations. Some of history's earliest writings contain references to laws against a woman having more than one husband.

"Good job the boys kept busy then or most of us would not have been here, whats meant to be..., thank goodness, certain things have changed then or have they?" Lol

About 400BC
One of the most sacred positions for a single woman was as a temple prostitute. "Every women..must once come in her life go and sit in the temple and there give herself to a strange man....She is not allowed to go home until a man has thrown a silver coin into her lap and takes her outside to lie with him....The women has no privilege of choice - she must go with the first man who throws her the money. When she has lain with him, her duty to the goddess is discharged and she may go home...Tall handsome women soon manage to get home again, but the ugly ones stay a long time before they can fulfil the conditions, which the law demands - some of them, indeed as much as three or four years." (Herodotus, a Greek historian who lived from 484 to 425 B.C.)

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so good on you girls, its called tenacity and hard work or maybe they liked their jobs, will never know."

Hope you found this interesting folks, made me laugh really, something’s don't change do they? LoL.

Luv Lucinda XXX

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