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Manchester Independent High Class Escort Lucinda
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Friday, 30 April 2010

More facts on Sexuality and Culture!

If a Babylonian wife committed adultery, it was the husband's choice whether she lived or died. Likewise if she spent too much money, the husband could divorce her or make her a slave. If the wife could not bear children, she was required by law to find her husband a surrogate!

In Egypt a man had one main wife, but as many secondary wives and mistresses as he could afford. With such readily available sexual partners, the Egyptian male found no need for a prostitute. The rich had access to slaves and travelling groups of dancers and musicians - always a good source of sexual favours. The poor lived in communes and shunned the idea of marriage altogether.

The Hebrews in Biblical days also allowed the man as many wives as he could support. King Solomon supposedly had over seven hundred wives. Then the Hebrews started worshipping one God as opposed to many. They discovered they were the "chosen" people to bring this new message to the world, and to prove it they instituted a number of sexual practices and prohibitions, starting with circumcision to show Gods preference for their race. Likewise the Jews began to impose monogamous standards in part as a way to ensure the purity of the race and the multiplication of the "chosen ones".

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The History of Sexuality through the Cultures!

Hi Folks, I though you may find these little snippets interesting about the history of sex and I will place one or two on here for you to read each week.

10,000 to 3,000BC
A family was viewed as belonging to the male as his property. A female in a family had to be monogamous but a male could mate with unattached females..and he sure did! The world's population exploded to over one hundred million by 3,000BC. Women were totally subservient to men - possessions to be used as men wished, in these early civilisations. Some of history's earliest writings contain references to laws against a woman having more than one husband.

"Good job the boys kept busy then or most of us would not have been here, whats meant to be..., thank goodness, certain things have changed then or have they?" Lol

About 400BC
One of the most sacred positions for a single woman was as a temple prostitute. "Every women..must once come in her life go and sit in the temple and there give herself to a strange man....She is not allowed to go home until a man has thrown a silver coin into her lap and takes her outside to lie with him....The women has no privilege of choice - she must go with the first man who throws her the money. When she has lain with him, her duty to the goddess is discharged and she may go home...Tall handsome women soon manage to get home again, but the ugly ones stay a long time before they can fulfil the conditions, which the law demands - some of them, indeed as much as three or four years." (Herodotus, a Greek historian who lived from 484 to 425 B.C.)

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so good on you girls, its called tenacity and hard work or maybe they liked their jobs, will never know."

Hope you found this interesting folks, made me laugh really, something’s don't change do they? LoL.

Luv Lucinda XXX

Monday, 19 April 2010

April 2010

Hi Everyone,

I must apologise for not doing my blog lately folks as I have been a bit preoccupied with DIY and been away for a few days in March/April so…

I hope you all are well and having a good read of my website now and again and that 2010 is being good to you so far?

Anyway, I have been out and about lately and went for a quick break to Scotland, which was really nice and quiet away from the maddening crowd so it was nice to get away.

I also went for a drink in this hotel the other week in Manchester and it was really nice, I like the bar at the Hilton Manchester too - . However I do like the in New York, much more exiting!

Apparently there have been some new pictures of Marilyn Monroe out today, which have not been seen before, these are my favourites here on my blog this month. I hope you like them? She was so beautiful, yet so tormented sensory deprivation of mother is so distructive emotionally -

I watched the interview with Tom Baker (the old Dr Who) the other night on Anytime on Sky TV and found him really funny and interesting. I may buy his autobiography this month. I am reading the new Lee Child's book on Jack again, I love that character - Lee Child in my opinion is a great novelist. I know you say, there are other books out there that I have yet to read, thousands of them, but I am a sucker for Jack!

Bit of info for you, what happened today years ago on the 19th April? Captain James Cook sighted Australia in 1770. Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI in a proxy wedding also in 1770 and Mae West was sentenced to 10 days in jail for obscenity for her play, Sex in 1927.

I have been keeping my eye and ear on the news and politics with the looming election, as usual and its never away from the TV news and papers. I find politics very interesting and really enjoy political debates such as Question Time, etc. I found the debate with the three party leaders, most interesting and I am looking forward to the next one.

The skies are very quiet at the moment and its not unusual for me to look up into that beautiful blue sky and admire a contrail or two and wishing I was on that plane to the states or somewhere interesting in the world. It just shows you that putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak, such as a plane's etc., is a risk, especially in relation to Volcanoes, glass dust and black clouds, not forgetting airport security and terrorists etc., how small we all seem at times! I bet we are all going to feel the pinch in our pockets, regarding imported fruit, computer parts soon due to the dust! We so rely on specific things so much, like computer, oil, mobile phones, electricity, the bloody banks, the Internet, air travel. We go into shock mode if one or two of these things are taken away from us. “Economic disasters loom too, for airlines and others. There are genuinely frightened travellers stuck from Mumbai to Moscow, without much money and with their children”. I read this, this morning. It must be terrible for lots of people who are stranded out there. However, there are always winners in bad situations, especially those people with few responsibilities, plenty of finances, sitting on a beach all day because the airlines are paying their hotel bill, lucky them! Lol.

I don't think I will be doing any tours this month folk, sorry!

Anyway, hope your all okay and I speak soon, promise!

Luv Lucinda XXX

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